It Starts with us Believing In Ourselves.

As a Woman I believe that it is our responsibility to build women up, instead of tearing them down. As Women we must believe in ourselves. We cannot afford to look for validation elsewhere. 


Each woman must ask herself does she love herself? I would venture out and say that a small percentage would say that they never asked themselves that. Maybe they only like themselves and nothing more.

As little girls growing up, we were molded into being a certain woman in which the world said we are to be. We took what we learned, and we shaped our thought’s, behaviors into this woman of the world.  And because of that we are left with questioning ourselves.

For instance. 

  • Why waiting becomes hard to do?

  • Why do we judge and comparing ourselves to other women?

  • Why do we always give into what our flesh wants, and then regret it later?

  • How to be Purposeful? Why do we feel the need to settle for less? When we can have the absolute best?

  • What are we rediscovering about yourselves now that God has our attention?